The Pearl Report
2011.04.04 - Phoney
On Air Date: 2011.04.04 (Mon)
Mainland China is notorious for low quality, counterfeit products. But lately, mobile 'phoneys' from the Huaqiangbei commercial district in Shenzhen has gained quite a good reputation. They include knock-offs of foreign brands and those incorporating local innovation such as television and dual-sim cards.

Last year, 200 million 'phonies' were produced in China, some are even exported. The industry has become the livelihood of thousands of people. Even peasants can afford a cell phone. Some people say counterfeiting is a culture for the grassroots to counterbalance consumerism. Mobile "phonies" became the rage in 2005, but why did the fad fade in 2008? Will fake notebooks and tablet computers carry on the "phoney" spirit? Is the industry good or bad for China's technological development?

Reporter:Castor Lau