Don Polec's World Exploring Quirky (ENG/CHI)
Episode 5 - (ENG) Ep 5
On Air Date: 2014.05.22 (Thu)
While interacting with animated elements, Don Polec whimsically introduces viewers to a wide variety of topics that are unique, unusual and fun, highlighting the quirky nature of the world that’s all around us… including:

Ladies! Finally a museum that you won’t have to DRAG your husband to! A lifelong fan (and Larry Fine’s son-in-law) has created the world’s only museum dedicated entirely to the Three Stooges. Lots of memorabilia, pictures, exhibits. Bring your own cream pies.

<Edible Flowers>
You never think of eating flowers, but many varieties are edible and are increasingly found at produce stands. Besides, 500 million aphids can’t be wrong.

<Green Walls>
Builders are now installing vegetation on the interior and exterior walls of buildings to go along with the “green” roofs that are increasingly common. It’s like living in Middle Earth, and is environmentally friendly.

<Digital Imaging>
Dazzling moving computer graphics don’t have to be limited to a video screen, as one company is demonstrating on the walls of buildings, the surfaces of pool tables, and just about anyplace else. Soon, everything will serve as a video screen.

<Caffeine R Us>
A new breed of coffee shop features a wide range of new products that make getting your caffeine fix easier than ever. Caffeinated soap anyone?

<Workout Desk>
Here’s a way for office workers to get a “workout” while they’re AT work… Turn your treadmill into your workstation with something called the TrekDesk. Now you can do your work while burning off the calories. Maybe those hamsters running in the wheel DID have the right idea…

<Bacon Deserts>
Bacon: it’s not just for breakfast anymore. A number of chefs are experimenting with using those crispy strips in everything from ice cream to peanut brittle to chocolate ganache. Yum. And it’s proving to be a hit. Is there anything that bacon doesn’t make better? (other than your arteries, that is)

<Pig Spa>
This Little Piggy Went for Shiatsu. That could be the new variation of the nursery rhyme now that pet pot-bellied pigs have their own spa. Far from a “pie-in-the-sty” notion it offers massages, Reiki energy work, exfoliation, aromatherapy, and other stress relieving procedures to help relax clients who can get anxiety just at the thought of a ham and cheese omlette.

<Car Cosmetics>
When it comes to trendy accessories for your car, GPS and Blutooth phones take a back seat to false eyelashes and handlebar moustaches. Can make-up consultants for your SUV be far behind?