Mia and Me (II)
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Mia is about to enter the tournament, when Contessa di Nola steps ... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.09.01 (Thu)
Finally, the tournament is about to start and Mia’s getting nervou... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.08.25 (Thu)
News spread that Violetta has been kidnapped, presumably by her ow... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.08.18 (Thu)
While Mia tells Mario about Centopia and how it is being an Elf, V... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.08.11 (Thu)
Mia and Mario are enjoying the sun at the beach, when Mario runs i... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.08.04 (Thu)
Contessa di Nola is paying a visit to Renzo, making him an offer t... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.07.28 (Thu)
Violetta sneaks into Renzo’s house and Mia’s room, curious about M... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.07.21 (Thu)
Mia and her grandpa are out for fishing on the lake when at the sa... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.07.14 (Thu)
Mia and Mario want to buy a riding outfit for Mia, but they are to... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.07.07 (Thu)
Mia and Renzo are thinking of rewarding Mario for all his hard wor... (more)
On Air Date: 2016.06.30 (Thu)