Episode 25 - The snowman
On Air Date: 2014.11.29 (Sat)
Twini arrives on screen with a sled. Twiki mocks him because it’s not not snowing. Twini is very disappointed. He then notices a small penguin on skis , and the little hedgehog on a sled . Then it starts to snow. Twini TWiki throw snowballs to each other. TWiki then makes a big snowball while Twini makes a smaller one and puts it on the large one . TWiki then puts a hat on the snowman. Twiki and Twini look for other accessories: a pinecone and a pile of dead leaves. Twini places buttons for the eyes. ( the snowman blinks ) Twiki put ssmaller stones as the mouth. the Snowman begins to smile . Twini & Twiki find pieces of wood which they place as arms. Snowman pokes them. the Kiwis accuse each other . Then Twini puts a carrot as the nose. Snowman sneezes. Finally Twiki gives him a beautiful scarf .