Episode 24 - Gardening
On Air Date: 2014.11.28 (Fri)
Twiki drags a big bag to the center of the screen. It is a bag of soil which he then spreads on the floor. Twini then returns with a small bag full of seeds . Twini sows the seeds and waters thoroughly. The earth moves a little. A little sprout comes out of the ground , the Kiwi are so happy but it appears to be a worm popping it’s head. Twiki fights the worm to make him disappear. It smooths the ground while Twini sprinkles water. Suddenly they see a tunnel shape emerge from the ground. A small mole appears. Twiki is very angry and shoos him away. Twini returns with a steamroller. the Kiwis observe the earth. A small bump grows out of the ground and then another, little sprouts!. A raven lands . Twini makes a scarecrow that looks so nice that the crows sits on it. the Kiwis are furious.