Episode 16 - The little snail
On Air Date: 2014.11.19 (Wed)
The Kiwis go for a walk in the forest. Twini picks little flowers. Suddenly Twini spots a huge red mushroom with white dots. Twini wants to eat it but Twiki warns him. It could be poisonous. Twini then wants to eat small berries, Twiki scolds him again.

Twini starts to feel hungry. TWiki then picks up a nut. Twini want to try one but he can’t break it. He finds another which he tries to break again. Fortunately Twiki stops him because it is a snail. The snail disappears behind a tree. The Kiwis then find a pile of nuts. They try to carry them all.. A squirrel suddenly appears. The nuts belong to him. the Kiwis are sheepish, put them down and leave. It starts raining, many snails pop out.