Episode 38 - Baba Blue’s Little Helper
On Air Date: 2015.03.11 (Wed)
The Cloudbabies are having their breakfast. Bobo asks Baba Blue if he can help him with his jobs. Baba Blue is reluctant but soon gives in. They head to the stables where Baba Blue fixes some holes in the trough. Bobo is impatient once the job is done and rushes to Skydonk, ready for the next job – helping Baba Green in the garden.

Baba Blue and Baba Green tell him the plant is too heavy for little Bobo to help carry. As Bobo sulks, he spots a watering can. ‘Oooh, holes!’ he thinks, remembering the holes he and Baba Blue fixed in the trough. He uses some mud to fill the holes of the watering rose and hurries off to his next job! Soon he has found more holes to fix - Baba Pink’s colander, which he fills with her pie pastry. Baba Blue sets off to find Bobo before he can do any more damage.

Meanwhile Baba Green has come to fix the hosepipe to the tap. Bobo White has found the other end of the pipe – and spotted the hole at the end! He stuffs a rainpear into it. When Baba Green turns on the tap, the hose gets full of water, growing bigger and bigger. Soon the rainpear flies out and the water sprays everything, including Baba Yellow’s painting. Baba Blue understands Bobo was trying to help – but tells him he is not ready to do Cloudbaby jobs. But Baba Yellow is so pleased that the water has turned her painting into a lovely watercolour of the sunset, she asks Bobo to be her little helper instead.