Episode 35 - Snow Fun Sun
On Air Date: 2015.03.10 (Tue)
There is lots of snow and Baba Pink has made all the Cloudbabies new gloves. Bobo dashes past Baba Pink – she stops him and makes him find his gloves first. Bobo picks up a glove from the table and Baba Pink laughs explaining it is an oven glove, designed to keep your hands cool, not warm. She asks him to wait while she makes him a new pair, but Bobo is off and out into the snow as quick as he can!

The Cloudbabies are all hard at work despite the snow, and Bobo White wants to play. He makes a snowball and throws it at Sun! Sun wants to play and Baba Pink agrees they all can once they have finished their jobs. But for now, he can play with Bobo White.

Sun scoops up some snow, but before he has a chance, the snowball has melted in his hands. Sun tries and tries, but he is just too hot to make a snowball. He is very disappointed that he cannot be part of the game.
The Cloudbabies have soon finished all their jobs and come to play with Bobo White – this makes Sun even more upset that he can’t join in.

Baba Pink notices he is sad and Sun explains the snow melts whenever he tries to make a snowball because his hands are just too hot!

Bobo White has lost his gloves again. He returns from the Cloudyhouse wearing the huge oven glove. This gives Baba Blue an idea.

He and the rest of the Cloudbabies go into the Cloudyhouse, and shortly return with a huge pair of oven gloves for Sun – to keep his hands cool enough to make a snowball!