Episode 34 - Snowbaby
On Air Date: 2015.03.09 (Mon)
It’s a very cold day and a snowcloud has covered the Skyworld in snow. The Cloudbabies have their winter coats tightly buttoned up as they all play about in the fresh snow. They build a Snowbaby which Bobo gets immediately attached to. Soon the Cloudbabies have to leave to do their day’s work. Bobo refuses to leave the Snowbaby.

Despite the cold, Sun is very hot today and while Bobo has a nap, the Snowbaby soon melts. Bobo wakes up to find that the Snowbaby is gone and is upset with Sun for being the cause. Sun and Baba Pink help Bobo look for the snowcloud so they can remake Snowbaby. Meanwhile Skydonk settles down for a nap himself. The snowcloud snows over Skydonk, covering him completely in a blanket of fresh snow. When Bobo, Sun and Baba Pink return, they find what Bobo calls a Snowdonk. He is thrilled. At which point, the Snowdonk yawns and shakes off the snow, revealing that it was Skydonk all along.