Episode 33 - Rainbow Baby
On Air Date: 2015.03.09 (Mon)
The Cloudbabies are all doing their jobs in the sky. Bobo and Skydonk are looking at pictures in a big book – It’s Baba Yellow’s paint book. They turn to a painting of a swaddled baby beneath Rainbow’s arc. Bobo is intrigued by the “Rainbow Baby” and wants to find him. He leaves the house with Skydonk and enlists Fuffa’s help in his quest. They ask Rainbow and Sun but they don’t know who the Rainbow Baby is. The Cloudbabies think that they are playing a game but soon Baba Yellow realizes they are talking about a picture from her paint book. She takes Bobo White to Rainbow with the other Cloudbabies and explains to Bobo that they found him asleep at the bottom of the rainbow and that he was the Rainbow Baby from the painting.