Episode 29 - Morning Mist
On Air Date: 2015.03.05 (Thu)
It’s a chilly day and a thick layer of morning mist covers the Skycloud. In the Cloudyhouse, Bobo White has Baba Blue’s Cloud Catcher in his hand, and is trying to use it to get the basket of Rainpears but Baba Pink catches him in the act. The Cloudbabies all leave the house for their day’s work. Sun hasn’t come out for his morning shine – it’s too cold and he’s still in bed - so the mist is everywhere. It makes the Skyhorsies jumpy. Greenhorsey won’t even come down from the sky to go anywhere near it, leaving Baba Green unable to harvest the horseyhay for the Skyhorsies’ meal. Baba Pink, Baba Yellow and Rainbow try to get Sun to exercise to get warm and get up. Meanwhile Bobo tries to help Baba Blue but accidentally knocks his toolbox into the mist. They use the Cloud Catcher to pull things up from the mist but they catch something big. The other Cloudbabies help but they need more muscle. Sun comes to the rescue. Huffing and puffing, all the hard work get Sun warmed up and the mist melts, revealing that the Cloud Catcher has in fact pulled up all of the horseyhay! It flies over Sun’s head, landing in bits in front of the stables, ready for the Skyhorsies to eat.