Episode 28 - Wash Day (Wash Day Song)
On Air Date: 2015.03.04 (Wed)
It’s wash day and the Cloudbabies bring out all their washing. The clouds line up to rain on the washing and all the dirt is rinsed out. The Cloudbabies then peg up the washing to dry as Sun announces the arrival of the warm wind as he cartwheels by. Little Star descends with his blankey to get washed but there is no more room on the washing line. Rainbow steps in to help and holds the blankey between both hands to dry. The newly arrived wind however is very strong and tears the blankey from his grasp. It flies through the air and through the open window in the Cloudy House to land on Bobo White who is having a nap in his cot. Meanwhile the wind gets hold of the washing line and tears it out of the Skycloud into the sky. Each of the Cloudbabies grabs the line to try and hold it but the strength of the wind takes them all on a gusty ride in the sky. When the wind drops, they all land on Sun’s hand with the washing on his head. At least it’s dry now. On their return to the Cloudyhouse, Little Star is still distraught over his lost blankey. At which point, a bleary eyed Bobo stumbles out of the front door, clutching the lost blankey. Little Star and his blankey are reunited and Bobo decides to go back to bed.