Episode 27 - Bobo To The Rescue
On Air Date: 2015.03.04 (Wed)
The Cloudbabies are taking Bobo White and Skydonk out for Skyhorsey practice in the sky. Bobo White is very keen to graduate to becoming as good as the Cloudbabies. Baba Blue on Bluehorsey is chasing clouds but comes to join the lesson. However they both grow impatient with the slow pace and on spying an errant cloud, they can’t help themselves and speed off in pursuit. Bobo White looks at him enviously, wishing he could go that fast. But the other Cloudbabies insist that he sticks to what they are teaching him. Baba Blue meanwhile is tearing around the sky, fulfilling his need for speed and having a great time. The Cloudbabies lead Bobo White and Skydonk back to the stables and leave Bobo to feed the Skyhorsies. Up in the sky, Baba Blue, in trying to catch the errant cloud goes flying over Bluehorsey’s head and lands on a cloud on the other side. Bluehorsey panics and bolts back to the stables leaving Baba Blue stranded. Bobo White hears his cries for help and finds Baba Blue without his Skyhorsey. Using the lessons of good Skyhorsey practice that he has just been taught, he finds the other Cloudbabies to get help. The other Cloudbabies rescue Baba Blue but chide him for being too impetuous but they all agree that Bobo White is the best Skyhorsey rider of them all.