Episode 26 - Mucky Skyhorsies
On Air Date: 2015.03.03 (Tue)
It’s morning and Bobo is having his bath. The Cloudbabies go about their daily jobs but get their Skyhorsies mucky in the process. Baba Blue gets paint on Bluehorsey, Baba Green gets dirty on Greenhorsey, Baba Yellow gets paint on Yellowhorsey while painting Rainbow and even Pinkhorsey gets dirty while helping Baba Pink polish Sun. They all need a wash in the horse trough. But Greenhorsey won’t and bolts around the Skycloud getting him and the others even dirtier in the process. Baba Green coaxes Greenhorsey into the trough by getting in first and when Greenhorsey realises it’s actually quite fun, he creates so many bubbles that they rain down on everyone, cleaning them all as they pop.