Episode 25 - Lost & Found
On Air Date: 2015.03.03 (Tue)
Baba Yellow is rushing about the Cloudyhouse looking for her bag. The other Cloudbabies leave the house to begin their day’s work. Baba Yellow finds her bag but is in such a hurry, she leaves her Fluteytoot behind. But she is unable to play Little Star his lullaby without it so, on realizing this, she rushes back to the Cloudyhouse to find it. Bobo is bored, and spots the Fluteytoot on the table, knowing Baba Yellow will need it. He picks up the Fluteytoot and rides off on Skydonk to find her. One moment later, Baba Yellow comes rushing into the Cloudyhouse, only to find the Fluteytoot has gone! Bobo heads to Little Star and decides that he should play a lullaby for Little Star but his playing is so horrible to listen to, Little Star hides under the blanket.

Baba Yellow races back to Little Star. Not knowing that he is asleep under the blanket, Baba panics, thinking she has lost him too! She confesses to Baba Pink that she is forgetful and loses everything. Baba Pink offers to help and enlists the other Cloudbabies to find Little Star. Baba Yellow finds Bobo with the Fluteytoot who tells her that Little Star is napping. Baba Yellow is certain Little Star wasn’t there when she left his cot. They head off back to his cloud, arriving at the same time as the other Cloudbabies to find that Little Star was underneath his blanket all along.