The Blacklist
Episode 9 - Anslo Garrick- Part 1
On Air Date: 2014.09.02 (Tue)
When Ressler arrives in Munich to bring him back to Washington, D.C., Red is surprised – and worried – to learn he’s been targeted for assassination by his former partner in crime, Anslo Garrick. While Ressler and Cooper are certain Garrick doesn’t know about the black site, Red’s suspicion that they have played right into his hands is confirmed when he and his Wild Bunch assault team breach the perimeter and cut off the electricity. So as Liz returns to work following an emotionally painful review of her late father’s possessions, she gets stuck in an elevator as the assault is getting underway. Ignoring orders to stay put, she escapes to join the fight.

Warned that Garrick and his team will stop at nothing to get Red, Cooper orders an immediate evacuation of nonessential personnel and complete destruction of all data in the facility. Leaving Ressler with Red, Cooper and Meera wage a losing battle to secure the armory as Aram tries to regain control of the generator room. After Ressler is seriously wounded in the battle with the Wild Bunch, Red drags him into the facility’s secure core and refuses Garrick’s demand that he surrender, even when offered a chance to save the injured agent’s life.

With Garrick mocking him from outside the core’s glass walls, Red improvises a transfusion using his own blood and cauterizes Ressler’s wounds to keep him alive. After ambushing a pair of hit men, Liz makes her way to the generator room where Aram is working to restart the power. Realizing they are Ressler’s only hope, they set out to stop the assailants from jamming their communications. Finally, as Ressler’s condition worsens, Garrick reaffirms his seriousness by killing one of Red’s handpicked associates.