The Blacklist
Episode 8 - General Ludd
On Air Date: 2014.08.26 (Tue)
After a bomb brings down a cargo plane over Washington, D.C., Red blames General Ludd, an anti-capitalist terrorist network headed up by its founder, Nathaniel Wolff. As the FBI’s investigation gets underway, Meera notes that two suspects – shipping company driver Roger Gard and fertilizer plant manager Arthur Denning – are the same man. When a search of the suspect’s apartment reveals that it belongs to Wolff, Liz realizes that he’s eluding detection thanks to surgery that’s altered his face. Meanwhile, with the terrorist group planning for an even deadlier attack, Liz gets word that her dad, Sam Milhoan, has been hospitalized in Nebraska.

When she and Red track down the plastic surgeon, Liz tricks him into revealing that Wolff is posing as airline pilot Bradley Holland, sending Ressler and his team to stop him at a D.C. airport. After talking his way on board a flight to Denver, Wolff deplanes before takeoff, leaving behind a deadly bomb that explodes before anyone can get there. Meanwhile, when Tom learns that Sam is dying of cancer, he urges Liz to join him at the hospital, unaware that Red is already there. Agreeing that Liz needs to know the truth about her past, Red honors Sam’s last wish and smothers him in his hospital bed.

Having succeeded in grounding air traffic nationwide, General Ludd issues a manifesto promising an outbreak of protests aimed at corrupt corporations. However, accepting Red’s contention that the organization is really just Wolff, Ressler sets out to find him after sending Liz to be at her dying father’s bedside. Word that Wolff is now posing as armored car driver John Horleck leads Cooper to suspect that he’s stealing a shipment of cash from the Treasury Department. But when agents intercept his vehicle at a protest in Manhattan, Wolff releases the cash into the crowd and escapes with his real target, software upgrades for printing the $100 bill. Yet, after helping arrange his escape, Red takes the stolen hard drive from Wolff before sending him into the arms of the FBI.