The Blacklist
Episode 5 - The Stewmaker
On Air Date: 2014.08.05 (Tue)
As Liz’s investigation into the hidden gun appears to link Tom to the unsolved murder of a Russian tourist, Red learns that no. 85 on the blacklist – a shadowy figure known as the Courier – was hired to deliver an intelligence package worth $20 million to Iranian spy Hamid Soroush. Warned that it could be anything from a genetically engineered virus to a murder victim’s head, FBI agents converge on the farmers market where the exchange is being made. Seeing the deal falling apart, the Courier kills Soroush and is seriously hurt when he tries to flee. But as Liz and Meera are stunned to see him still try to stagger away despite his many serious injuries, Ressler learns the Courier has a rare genetic disorder that makes him oblivious to pain.

When Cooper suspects the Courier is concealing evidence inside his wounds, a surgeon extracts an SD card with video of Seth Nelson, a potentially valuable NSA analyst who’s been kidnapped and buried in a refrigerator with only enough oxygen to live for a few hours. As Liz tracks down the Courier’s brother in a federal prison, Red locates Laurence Dechambou, a former French spy who’s planning to sell Nelson to the highest bidder. Posing as the Courier, Ressler arrives at Dechambou’s nightclub headquarters. Claiming Soroush is dead, he threatens to kill her and let Nelson die too unless he’s paid. Though Ressler tries to prove himself by stoically slicing his arm open with broken glass, Dechambou suspects the setup and is captured while trying to run. Meanwhile, after an ultrasound reveals evidence of past crimes hidden inside his body, the Courier escapes while being transferred to the hospital.

While Ressler and Meera track the Courier to his ramshackle backwoods trailer, Red offers Dechambou a chance to get away in exchange for helping find Nelson. As the Courier finally dies from his wounds, Dechambou leads the FBI to an abandoned industrial park where Red locates the buried refrigerator in time to save Nelson’s life. Finally, as Red gives Liz a case file that reveals the man she suspects her husband killed was a Russian spy who was defecting to the U.S., Tom demands an explanation after finding the gun, phony passports and cash hidden at home.