The Blacklist
Episode 16 - Mako Tanida
On Air Date: 2014.10.21 (Tue)
Following his escape from a Japanese prison, legendary Yakuza boss Mako Tanida seeks revenge on the FBI agents who put him behind bars. After Tanida forces agent Sam Raimo to commit ritual suicide, the surviving members of the task force that caught him – Donald Ressler, Bobby Jonica and Pete Maguire – are at the funeral when Jonica points the finger at Red. However, during a secret meeting, Red alerts Ressler to Tanida’s escape, though not in time to save Maguire’s life. Meanwhile, stunned to find Liz giving Jolene advice on finding a house in the neighborhood, Tom tells her what he’s learned about Red’s connection to Liz and her father.

Following Maguire’s murder, Ressler and Audrey are en route to a country house where she can be out of harm’s way when they are ambushed by Tanida and his goons. After Audrey is gunned down and killed, Ressler ignores Cooper’s orders to stand down and follows a lead from Red to an underground hospital where he and Jonica confront the gunmen who were wounded in the ambush. However, as she and Meera are investigating the resulting melee, Liz learns that Tanida’s younger brother, Aiko, didn’t take over his criminal enterprise while he was in prison – as was long thought – but was killed after the task force arrested Mako, leaving the question of who’s been running the crime syndicate in his absence. Meanwhile, after Red orders him to bring Jolene in, his investigator, the Cowboy, is ambushed by Tom.

Using a tip they got at the hospital, Ressler and Jonica kidnap Tanida from his nightclub hideout. With Liz and Meera zeroing in on the crime family’s real boss, Tanida exposes Jonica as the one who took over after Aiko was killed. As Jonica turns his gun on Tanida, Ressler crashes the car they are riding in and forces him to confess as their prisoner slips away. But when Ressler can’t bring himself to pull the trigger and avenge Audrey’s murder, Jonica commits suicide rather than be arrested by his FBI colleagues. Finally, as Tom kills Jolene and the Cowboy in an effort to salvage his mission, Red delivers Tanida’s severed head to Ressler.