Bones (IX)
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The Turn in the Urn - When Todd, a wealthy artifact collector, wal... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.30 (Fri)
The Carrot in the Kudzu - When a children's TV show actor is found... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.23 (Fri)
The Repo Man in the Septic Tank - A repo man's remains are found i... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.16 (Fri)
The Source in the Sludge - When a CIA informant is found murdered,... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.09 (Fri)
The Heiress in the Hill - The team looks into the murder of Lauren... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.02 (Fri)
The Master in the Slop - When the team discovers the body of a ren... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.05.26 (Fri)
Big in the Philippines - The team looks into the death of Colin Ha... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.05.19 (Fri)
The Ghost in the Killer - The team looks into the death of Lana Br... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.05.12 (Fri)
The Spark in the Park - The Jeffersonian team investigates the mur... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.05.05 (Fri)
The Mystery in the Meat - The team investigates the murder of a fo... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.04.28 (Fri)